Latvia Temporary Residence Permit - Benefits

Unrestricted movement in Schengen area
Being member of European Union and Schengen treaty Latvia offers an incomparable advantage to the permit holders of enabling them to gain freedom to an unrestricted movement in the EU member countries and staying there without needing to obtain a visa.

Settlement opportunities to other EU countries
Migrants aspiring to move their set-up to any EU member countries in future will stand a better chance of making it successfully and on priority

Long duration of residence permission to stay in the country
Latvia TRP has a validity of 5 years permitting a stay in the country through the extent of validity of the entry permit.

Multiple entries into this Baltic state
Once you obtain this visa you are eligible for multiple entries into Latvia and other EU states (up to 90 days within a six month period). The TRP holder can also stay full time in Latvia during the TRP vailidity Period.

No specific residence fulfilment requirements
You do not need to reside in Latvia for a relevant period in the country to retain your TRP status. Extension is granted and can be maintained with least formalities. Extension formalities are very easy and simple to meet for holders who have met the applicable terms and conditions of TRP issuance of one of the three possible options.

Eligibility to file an application for residency
Grant of TRP makes the holder eligible for status and the rights of a resident

Advancing onto the citizenship of Latvia
On successful completion of the TRP and subject to fulfillment of the criteria, the Resident visa holder has an option to permanently make Latvia your home and become citizen of the Latvia

Bring your family along
TRP allows your family to accompany you to this Baltic state and enjoy similar facilities as you while being in the country

Unrestricted freedom to do business and investments in Latvia
As a TRP holder you have an unrestricted access to business and investment opportunities in Latvia.

TRP process can be initiated and finalized without personal visit
For applicants short of time or not having appropriate visa to visit Latvia or other Schengen countries or Europe or past visit visa refusals, getting Latvian TRP under one of the 3 permitted processes is possible and feasible. One need to and may fly into Latvia only after entire TRP process has been completed.

Geographical location provides opens up more business opportunities
Perfectly positioned between the EU and the CIS, one can NOT ask for a better affordable European location than Lithuania. The facet is supreme from the perspective of international trade and warehousing facilities, hence paving way to more business growth opportunities than ever. Geographically well located warehouse synonyms growth for business! Exporters can use this warehouse base to explore and grow business throughout Europe and CIS. Industries related to manufacturing and BPO can make use of affordable human resources to promote their business interests in Europe and CIS countries.

NATO and EU membership
Lithuania is a fully-fledged NATO and EU member with a politically stable ambiance. What that means is no disturbances, just a calm background to have a peaceful life in store for you and your kin! This is very important for long term stability and growth of business.

Low cost and ease of doing business
Latvia has amongst lowest cost of doing business in Europe and has an impressive worldwide ranking of 21 in terms of ease of doing business. The country provided nice tax benefits for start-up businesses. All it needs is a smart businessman in you to take advantage and starting point is making an application for and getting Temporary resident permit (TRP)!

Low cost of living
Latvia has amongst lowest cost of living thus giving you more reasons to make the country your long term home and/or an important base for expanding your long term business expansion goals.